• Every family must have some necessary appliances

    Such as electroscope, screwdriver, glue pliers, etc. It is also suitable for the use of various specifications of household appliances fuses and fuses. The size of the fuse must match the power consumption.

    All switches, switches, and fuse boxes must have covers and must not be "naked". The glue cover must be replaced if it is deteriorated, aging, or incomplete; the dirt must be wiped off after a power failure.電機工程 Do not drag the power cord to the ground to avoid tripping the power cord and prevent damage to the insulation.

    Electric heaters must be kept away from flammable materials, and heating appliances such as electric stoves, heating furnaces, and electric irons must not be placed directly on the board to avoid fire.

    Do not touch the live switch with wet hands, do not pull or plug in the power plug with wet hands, do not touch the metal parts of the contacts with your fingers when pulling or plugging in the power plug, and do not replace electrical components or bulbs with wet hands.

    Do not use household appliances (such as hair dryers, soldering irons, etc.) that are often used by hand. For household appliances that come into contact with the human body, such as electric blankets, electric oil caps, electric shoes, etc. Before use, it should be energized and checked for leakage before it can touch the human body.

    When rescuing an electric shocked person, first disconnect the power supply or use a wooden board or insulating rod to open the power cord. Do not directly pull the electric shocked person with your hands to avoid continuous electric shock.

    Household appliances, except refrigerators, should be turned off at will, especially electric heating appliances, to prevent fires caused by prolonged heating.

    The use of bedside switches is strictly prohibited. Except for electric blankets, do not lead live electrical equipment to the side of the bed or close to the sleeping human body. Even if you use an electric blanket, if you don’t need to turn on the electricity overnight to keep you warm, it is recommended to turn off the electricity after heating to ensure safety.

    When household appliances are scorched, smoked, or a fire occurs, the power must be disconnected immediately, and water or foam fire extinguishers must not be used.

    The indoor wiring and electrical equipment should be inspected regularly, and if any damage is found, it should be wrapped with electrical tape in time; household appliances that are not used for a long time before the rainy season or used again for a long time, the insulation resistance should not be less than 1MΩ when measured with a 500V shaker. Only then can it be considered that the insulation is good and it can be used normally. If there is no vibration table, at least use a pen to frequently check for water leaks.

    Household appliances that are used frequently should be kept dry and clean. Do not wipe the surface of household appliances with corrosive or conductive liquids such as gasoline, alcohol, soapy water, or detergent.

    After the appliance is damaged, please consult a professional or send it to a repair shop for repair. It is strictly forbidden for non-professionals to open the shell while charging the household appliances.

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